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Our hair, which is a sign of everyday image, is our most important asset that requires care just like our skin. Women and men who advertise with their full hair in every day shampoo ads are an image that almost everybody wants. However, there is a growing lack of confidence in people suffering from excessive hair loss after used hair products and used medicines. The most effective and long lasting solution you can choose will be hair transplantation. It is possible to get your old full hair again by getting a hair transplant turkey. This method, which is usually done by shaving the hair is almost renewed with the unshaven hair transplanting process.

This method, which was preferred for men who had lost the front hairline section, was done up a few years ago. Be sure to use this method, which is preferred by individuals who want to use their hair more and more fuller. The most important reason is that the hair is planted without shaving the entire surface. It is an easy method and gives very positive results. The results of this method, especially preferred by women, are the same as the results of if the hair were completely shaved. However, after the operation if the hair is not shaved, the hair does not make it obvious that hair has been transplanted. It is also a desired procedure for those who want to maintain a hair model that you are constantly using. Thanks to this method, which is done without complications, women also started to get hair transplantations. In addition, men and women who want long hair it is highly demanded. This process takes an average of 7-8 hours in a hygienic environment. Unshaven hair is a little more expensive than normal shaved hair. Because it's a more complicated operation. Hair transplantation price; after the examination you the region that will need hair will be observed. The analysis is done by a specialist physician and the price is determined afterwards. You will definitely get a positive result after procedure that will complete your wants and needs. An advantage of non-shaved hair plantation is that the people who have previously had FUT transplantion, fue hair transplantation can be done on top. In other words, it is a painless method of hair transplantation. Getting hair transplants is an easy and quick procedure, even though it is a popular topic. Those who have hair transplantations make such comments after the procedure. At first, if they are afraid, they will realize that they are not at all. It will be a good example for others. If we will divide into two, those who get hair transplants and those who do not; Those who have gotten their hair done are happy people. Those who dont have refused to be exposed. Because women who experience hair loss or men who struggle from hair loss often exhibit a low self-esteem in everyday situations. As you can catch the desired profile with fuller hair, this will be reflected in every aspect of your life. If a good quality clothing shows up as a good profile; It is a matter of equal importance to the hair. If you want to have more hair that looks fuller instead of thinning in your hair, you should contact the specialist as soon as possible. Especially for people who use heavy-duty drugs for a certain period of time, you will also have a clear solution to the problem of hair loss which is subsequently condensed. In result hair transplant is the most permanent solution to your hair loss problem for bot men and women. The most important and the first thing you will do in this matter is to take a step with the right doctor.
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